Fake Jeff Kent jerseys that have been circulating for the past few years.


This jersey has been circulating the hobby for the past two years. Originated from a "collector" in Nevada. Most recently, it has been sold by a seller on ebay from Houston, TX. He sold it as "game used", "game issued" or "salesman sample". Guess he tried to cover all bases, but this jersey is NONE of those! Here are the problems with it.

1) Wrong size for Kent, he NEVER wore a size 50 with the Giants

2) Wrong Font Size and detail for the name on the nameplate

3) Wrong Font Size for the #21 on the back, the #1 is even longer than the #2!

4) Fake 9/11 Flag on back

5) "Salesman" samples no longer exist with the Giants, this is a nice fairy tail


Here is what the back of a REAL Kent looks like. Pay close attention the the name "KENT" on the back, and the #21 on the back! Compare it to the one above!


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