A NOTE about all this Majestic 0062 / 6200 NONSENSE!!!!

I have spoken to the US Marketing Director at Majestic. He agrees, that the INTENTION, was for all 0062 jerseys be team issues, and all 6200 jerseys were TO BE retail. But, in practice, this is not what happens, according to him. At season end, player being traded or a team style change, Majestic dumps ALL the remaining jerseys to Wholesalers, Sporting Good Stores, etc. They don't throw the existing inventory away. Statements, to the contrary by ebay sellers, is less than true. In practice, this is not what happens. I have personally purchased a Orioles Sidney Ponson white Majestic Home jersey, tagged as 0062, from Dick's Sporting Goods. This was after he was traded. This 0062-6200 is not an EXACT science.  IT HAPPENS all the time!

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