I was asked on numerous occasions, by email,  to join this Forum. I am always skeptical of these. I did reluctantly sign up, and stayed on ONE day, before canceling my account. Low and behold, the same bogus dealers on ebay and elsewhere, are "stars" on this Forum. It is a very sad state of affairs in this hobby, when the "monkey's are running the zoo". I will no longer participate in such a bogus, self serving outlet as this. It is a pure joke. From the names that I recognized on this Forum, it looks like that 60-70% (maybe higher) of the participants, ARE the problem with this hobby....not the cure!

This seems to be a group, for the most part, of ill-informed "game used experts". Many are rude, arrorgant, and threatening. Don't bother contacting the Forum "Moderator", he is M.I.A. Never addressing REAL issues that are reported to him. A total waste of time, and a joke.

This idea of a Forum is a very good idea. Problem is, not with this group of "experts". The late great Dick Dobbins, would surely be rolling over in his grave to see where this hobby has ended up. Disgraceful. Bogus Bonds' jerseys, fake, made up items, etc.

If anyone needs help, or would like information from me; I will be more than glad to help. But, not in such a reckless forum as this.


Kind Regards,